By using our extensive range of accessories, you are assured of a self storage unit that perfectly meets all your needs and requirements as well as those of your customers.

We offer additional products such as the supply of locks and ramps, the installation of electricity sockets and the installation of solar panels. In addition, we can provide your storage containers in any colour, so it blends in with your coorporate identity colours and your company logo. Want to know more? Contact us.

We provide you with the best certified euro profile cylinder locks. If needed, we can provide you a complete lock plan for your entire branch, allowing each tenant to operate all relevant locks with one key.
Your own locking plan

In the base every type of padlock fits on our containers. We have developed our own locking plan based on euro profile cylinder locks, so that all insurers cover the storage of your goods. The manager of the units retains access to the units, but the end user can in turn use one key to operate a fence, shared areas, trailers or the alarm, for example.


Motorcycle ramp | motorcycle storage

We offer this handy accessory, ideal for business customers and motorcyclists, standard in two sizes. Doesn’t that fit? Then we are happy to make a custom-made ramp for you.

Our ramps

Loading ramp 1: 15cm high, a ramp length of 40cm and 80cm wide.
Loading ramp 2: 15cm high, a ramp length of 80cm and 80cm wide. This larger ramp has a longer approach and is therefore less steep to drive up.
We make the plates in our own workshop from 4/5 mm aluminum chequer plate. Motorcycles up to 350 kg can pass over it without any problems.
Do you also want to provide ramps to your customers? Or do you need other dimensions? If so, please contact us.




Electricity is definitely a must for motorcyclists. We install self-sealable wall outlets to allow optimal control of the unit.


More about electricity
Many end users would like to equip their unit with a power connection. This brings comfort for the customer, but uncertainties and obligations for the landlord.

The storage containers are easily equipped with several wall outlets per unit. These can be easily connected to the existing electrical grid. The wall sockets can be sealed by the landlord. This creates a threshold for the end user to use other devices than has been agreed.


We can customize the look of the Z-Box to match your logo, corporate colors or premises through spray painting, magnetic decals and/or stickering. Our containers always fit perfectly into the landscape. This is space rental as the customer sees it on TV.

More about branding
The standard colour of the container is white, with black accents on the bottom and edges. Because of this colour scheme it is possible to adjust the appearance to your wishes with relatively small interventions.

Our in-house design team can match the containers to your coorporate identity in a cost-efficient way. On request the container can be made in any RAL colour, but this requires a minimum number of containers.

Solar panels

Sustainable entrepreneurship fits perfectly in this day and age. Use the roof space of your container park smartly by letting us install solar panels on it. The design of the park can already take into account the most favorable roof orientation.

More about solar panels

If your site is suitable for this, the containers can be equipped with PV panels, also known as solar panels. Six panels fit on one container. These panels control a micro-inverter, which makes each container easy to connect of disconnect and avoids high voltages.

The PV panels are an earning model in themselves and, if desired, can also be included in the lease offer. In addition, these accessories give the park a sustainable look and green image. Ideal for parties looking for a dual earning model.


Lighting in a container is very appreciated by customers. When there is no current, it becomes unattractive to power only for a lamp. We have a work lamp that gives a lot of light, yet is very economical to use, can take a beating, is magnetic and can function as a power bank.

More about lighting
Because all walls and ceiling are made of steel, the lamp can be easily attached to walls or roof anywhere in the container. The customer’s phone, as well as motor helmet headsets, can be easily loaded through the USB port.

This lamp fully meets the light requirement and in practice lasts a winter season, before it needs to be charged.

The lamp comes with your own logo, laser printed. The color is blue or red.