Change with the self storage industry

The self storage industry is constantly changing. The latest software takes a lot of work off our hands by automatically filling out leases, emailing invoices, sending text messages, and so on. Tenants can now rent units and pay through websites without ever having to talk to a representative of your company.

You will not immediately welcome every new development with cheers. Learning to work with new software or having to adapt to new regulations can be quite challenging. One of the keys to keeping the work fun is to keep the passion going. This reduces the likelihood of “burnout.”

It’s no secret that if you enjoy your work, this will be noticed, consciously or unconsciously, by tenants, investors or other stakeholders. So challenge yourself by starting a new project, set new goals and come up with a plan to implement it. Some examples:

Define your position
Of course, managing a self-storage facility involves much more than renting out storage units and booking periodic payments. A manager wears several hats. Like that of the human resources officer, the maintenance man or the advertising man. Perhaps you handle accounts receivable and accounts payable yourself, run customer service, are a security officer or do much more. Once you can look at yourself this way, you can put your work in a broader perspective and more opportunities will present themselves automatically.

A good approach is to focus on your strengths. For example, do you have an aptitude for giving instructions? Teaching is a very satisfying way to get the most out of work. For example, share your knowledge about the industry. Who knows, you might learn something new yourself!

  • Provide a Zoom lesson or create a number of instructional videos for companies. This works great for training things like entrance gate repair or locks. If you use a successful method for sales or collection calls yourself, please share it!
  • Write a training manual or handbook. If you prefer not to make videos, this is a great way to share your industry experiences while keeping up with your own organizational and writing skills.
  • Train another manager. A well-known saying goes, “If you’re irreplaceable, you can’t get promoted.” If you want to be considered for another position, wouldn’t it be an advantage to have already trained someone to take your place?


Learn about everything that comes along
Although we use all kinds of new technologies designed to make our jobs easier, it is helpful to know at least something about them. When you are faced with implementing a new tool, consider it a great opportunity to learn from it, use other talents and perhaps find a new interest.

For example, if you don’t fully understand a new access control system, read and ask questions. Even if it works well now, at some point a problem will arise – it always does. So pay close attention to what the mechanic or installer is doing and feel free to ask questions.

If you are using new management software, see if it has any other features. Some programs have a training/demo website, take advantage of that. After that, you may be able to help others in the company who work with it or provide the vendor with ideas. Of course, there are very talented software designers, but what do they really know about everyday self-storage practices?

In a future newsletter: more tips for getting everything out of the job of self storage manager.

Source: Inside Self-Storage

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