USC Christmas Greeting 2023 Jan Hein and Maarten Streppel

Container parts replacement on Mallorca

In 2022, we were approached by Planet Space, and visited this fine storage company in Majorca to discuss their concerns regarding their existing container park. Due to circumstances, rust had developed on the containers. From this followed an interesting and at times complicated project, but it came to a beautiful conclusion. On this beautiful island in the sun last November, we did not build a completely new park for Planet Space, but replaced the roofs and doors of the existing containers.

The cause

The main reason Planet Space contacted us was the extent of rusting on and around the roofs. There have been previous attempts to repair this, but the rust still stood its ground. After reviewing the 2022 damages and consulting with the USA, we decided to take action ourselves. The cause of rust can never be fully determined because it is a confluence of circumstances. In my opinion, the biggest reason is a combination of an early and anomalous container delivery that took place before the existence of USC Europe, along with the fact that this park is less than 300 meters from the sea.

Parts Replacement

The factory provided new roofs and doors at no cost to Planet Space. Also, the new roofs are aluminum so that rust cannot occur at all in the future. You will understand that this project could not have been done without our professional construction team. Users had also suffered damage in recent years. Mallorca’s extreme weather should also not be underestimated. We flew in our damage repairer to solve these problems for Planet Space as well. I am proud to be part of a company that is so very focused on long-term relationships, and maintaining them.

Since this project was quite unique, we took this opportunity to make an extensive video about it. The result can be seen below.

If you have any questions based on the video, I am of course available.

Merry Christmas from me as well!

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