Delivery of storage container for Go Ahead Eagles youth training in Deventer

That our Z-Box is a unique, multi-purpose storage container you probably already knew, but we are always proud when we can illustrate it again with a practical example. Indeed, Eric Whittie, head of youth training at Go Ahead Eagles, had two wishes.

Larger and more climate resistant

‘We had an 8m2 container at our complex in Twello where we could store our stuff, but there was now a need for a larger storage space. A second wish was that our gear, especially the balls, would stay good even in very cold and very hot weather.

New storage space

‘I discussed this with our account manager Sanne de Zeeuw, with whom I walked around the accommodation in Twello and showed her our storage space. She then contacted you. Now we have recently acquired a 14 m2 storage room. The double-walled nature of the container keeps it from getting too hot inside in the summer and too cold in the winter, so the balls can thrive inside it.

Contact and delivery

‘It is not normal and fantastic the way you have arranged it. I think it’s a great success story. The storage space is fine and the way Ronald and Maarten handled it is absolutely top notch. Ronald is truly a professional and a thinker. When he has an idea, he can make it. The only thing we have yet to get are the keys but all other requirements have been fully met by USC. I am full of praise. It’s with USC just like it is with Go Ahead, no fuss or craziness, just act normal and still deliver quality.’


‘I understand from our facility manager Ron Jansen that he wants to use two USC containers during the upcoming renovation of the main grandstand. He is now in contact with Maarten about that, so the cooperation between GAE and USC will definitely continue,” Eric Whittie said.

Adjustment container

Our regular technical man is Ronald Hurulean. ‘Go Ahead visited us on the case because they were looking for possibilities for material storage for the youth training at the complex in Twello. It turned out that a Z-Box would certainly be suitable. I then went to Twello to see what they had there. I took photos and took measurements and then designed a layout in Deventer complete with shelves, compartments for camera tripods, ball racks, basically everything needed to neatly store soccer training equipment.’


‘Then I went along one more time during the actual delivery of the container by our regular carrier De Roos. Then it became clear that Go Ahead wanted another shelf for storage and I arranged that for them at that time. All in all, everything went perfectly and the client is more than satisfied.

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