No more scholarships, now what?

It is now known that all trade shows and meetings centered on storage have been cancelled for the rest of this year. Maybe they will continue in 2021, which is completely unclear at this point. But there are also parties that question whether these kinds of meetings make any sense at all, so in effect one is talking about a total abolition of these kinds of events.

The (temporary) loss of these scholarships, however, is a big bummer for us. USC is a sponsor of many industry associations and for that reason is allowed to participate in these types of events as an extraordinary member. In 2020, we had planned our presence at events in Rotterdam, Dublin, Milan, Stockholm, Paris and Lisbon, among others. Each of these are small shows, but with interested visitors who are eager and able to connect with like-minded industry peers at places like this. After all, there is a lot of information to get. Thus, seminars are given, substantiated forecasts and expectations for the storage market are presented, as well as trade shows are organized.

Offline offers added value

For us, the maxim applies; from a grant almost always follows a construction project. So this means that there is value for us to travel to these kinds of fairs. As convenient as a live stream is in corona time, the large turnout at these types of “offline” meetings proves that there is a stupid need for this way of doing business face-to-face. Subject matter, small scale, a beautiful location and relevant topics are magic words for a successful meeting. A disadvantage of this type of fellowship is that newcomers might feel left out because of the small scale. But for us, the benefits outweigh the benefits.

We look forward to the period when this type of event can go on again and hope to see you again at one of these show days. Until then, we are fine for you to find online as well….

Maarten Streppel