Doing business during the ‘new normal’

During the new normal there is a barrier for many parties to physically visit our location. Also, a customer visit from our account manager is not always appreciated. A pity, because nothing beats a physical visit as far as we are concerned. Only then a customer can quietly look at our models, make his storage needs clear, walk around setups, feel the units, etc. However, the new normal doesn’t pass us by either. We will have to take care of other ways of contact. This will mainly be digital in nature, and there are various possibilities for that.


The simplest solution is to create a video. Not the most personal form, but with the right script you can put all the relevant information in it. A video is easy to distribute and can stay up to date for quite a long time. The cost of making a good video should not be underestimated. First you need a good script, then it has to be good again, you need to have the right equipment and you need to organize a turning day. Afterwards the time consuming, big editing starts. In the meantime the information needs to be up to date. We did our stinking best; you can see the result here:


A webinar (merging web and seminar) is a digital presentation for an online audience and therefore a lot more interactive. Together with the participants you can go into more depth. There is room for questions and remarks and this way you can get to a more personal contact. Because of the spontaneous interaction, certain things can remain underexposed (which can come to the fore in a video). Also, everyone has to tune their agenda at the moment of broadcasting and the level of interest of all viewers has to be more or less the same. We will soon start our own webinars. We hope to be able to welcome you during these digital meetings.

Virtual meeting

The third option is the fully virtual meeting. An employee, using a tablet or smartphone, gives a digital tour to the customer. In turn, the customer can also show his own location. Based on this, they can jointly come to a personal plan that meets the needs of the customer. The disadvantage of this method is that not everyone already has experience with this personal form of digital interaction.

What do you think? Do all these options make a physical visit superfluous? Of course, a visit also has its disadvantages. We are very curious about your opinion.