Find the contact with your customer

This year showed us yet again how difficult it can be to make predictions come true or meet seemingly realistic goals. Customers who “just stayed loyal” to you this turbulent year or signed up new despite everything are crucial to the success of your business. Therefore, they certainly deserve a token of appreciation. So that they remain customers in 2021….

Some tips for this we would like to share with you:


– After a few weeks, thank new customers personally with a card, for example
– Do the same with existing customers after they have been customers for a year, for example.
– Over time, contact each client to ask if everything is still satisfactory or if there might be something more you could do.


– Always have someone available to answer the phone during business hours. If necessary, use a transfer function.
Outside of normal business hours, use a drop-in facility.
– Answer emails preferably within 24 hours. Provide an automated reply message indicating you will respond as soon as possible.
– Check daily for messages left on your social media channels.

Had a complaint?

Don’t be alarmed by this. See it as an opportunity to improve your product or service. Always contact the complainant personally to reach a settlement.


Make sure there is a place where your (former) customer can leave feedback.
Thank the giver and indicate if and what you will do with it. Always come back to it.


An open, friendly and understanding attitude toward the customer, no matter how unreasonable they may behave, always pays off. It regulates potential tensions in advance and creates an atmosphere in which any disagreements can be talked out.