From parking garage to storage park

For the conversion of a camper site to a well-performing storage park, we do not turn our hand around. This time we have equipped a parking garage in the German Ruhr area with storage containers. In this way, we transformed a non-performing garage into a profitable storage location.


The security and the structural condition of the building are excellent. The complex also has a large outdoor area where you can park. However, the parking offer in the immediate vicinity was simply too large. This made it impossible to achieve a sufficient occupancy rate for this parking garage. A profitable operation turned out not to be possible. But USC had a different solution.

Less parking, more storage

The garage owner chose to reduce the number of parking spaces in the parking garage. We have filled the vacant spaces with our storage containers. No further structural adjustments were needed. This is thanks to the excellent insulation and ventilation values of our Z-Boxes.


The customer can easily park his car in the redesigned parking garage at his own storage unit. The building itself has been left completely intact. As a result, it is no problem in the future to give it a different destination if necessary. It is also possible to place containers when the demand for storage space increases.


Centimetre work

The operation was not easy. Because the height in the garage is only 2.60 meters, we hardly had any room to maneuver. By using a compact forklift and castors, it was possible to drive the containers to the right place. We only had to briefly disassemble a warning sign above the entrance once.

Do you have or do you know someone with a not well-performing business park or poorly running parking garage? Then think of another destination that does pay off. Please contact us directly.

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