Houses no longer have basements

Pre-war houses and houses built in the 50s, 60s and 70s often still have a mature basement floor under the entire surface of the house. When you descended the stairs, you immediately noticed the difference in temperature with the rest of the house. A great storage space. New-build houses no longer have basements, while the need for storage space is only growing.

Because basements often had a constant, low temperature, it was the ideal place at the time to store perishable food for a longer period of time. Moreover, the relatively large families at that time could make good use of the extra storage space. With the arrival of the fridge and freezer, a basement space became increasingly unnecessary. In addition, basements with improperly impregnated walls often caused unwanted moisture problems on the upper floor.

New construction without a complete basement floor is of course a lot cheaper. The additional cost for a complete basement is on average 20 to 30,000 euros. After all, in the water-rich Netherlands, a basement is soon at groundwater level. A relatively expensive construction is needed to prevent it from ‘floating’. Nowadays, at most, there is an often rather damp, low crawl space under most houses. Not an ideal place to store things.

Storage needs are increasing
Nevertheless, the need for extra storage space has certainly not diminished. With the rise in prosperity, we have all gotten more and more stuff. We don’t need them every day. So we like to look for a safe and dry storage place for where it is not in the way. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in much more working from home, that storage need has only grown further.

All the more reason for storage companies to actively respond to this still growing storage need. We also call such a demand for storage internally a storage need with a permanent character. The customer needs storage space indefinitely, because the barn, garage or basement is simply not present.

Let potential customers know that you understand what situation they’re in. And that they can easily store their belongings safely, dry and at a very reasonable price with you. And of course they can access it when they need it.


Do you also want to respond to the growing self storage market? Do you want to expand your storage capacity quickly or do you have your own site that is suitable for self-storage? Let us know. Then we make a plan together.

Jan-Hein Streppel

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