How do you keep your website up-to-date? Part 2

Is your self-storage website still scoring well with search engines and visitors becoming customers? Beautiful, yet regular maintenance is important. For example, periodic software updates and regular posting of new content are a must.

Software updates
Regularly update the back-end of your self storage website. This ensures that it interacts smoothly with the latest software. This will prevent possible crashes and make you work as safely as possible. Do you have your site hosted by a professional party? If so, regular updates will probably be made for you. The same is true if you have a WordPress-based site. Do you host yourself and are responsible for all updates? Then make sure the following items are refreshed at least every two weeks: WordPress core and plug-ins and the server software packages.

Continuously updating the content of your self storage website is a longer-term process. It can take months for new content to be fully understood by Google and other search engines. Yet it must be done. In fact, SEO and content are closely related. In fact, content contains several crucial SEO elements. These play a role in the search engine ranking process. Consider header tags, keywords, title tags and meta descriptions.

Furthermore, content is the element that gives your website meaning and content. Good design helps with the user experience, but content connects that design to your brand message. Texts should not only be well written. They should also be optimized with your chosen keywords.

Start adding additional keywords and conducting a competitive analysis to identify new keyword strategies. Ideally, you want to publish texts on your site that are already optimized. Still, it is wise to check regularly for improvements.

You can, of course, control your self-storage content yourself. But you may find it more convenient to use a program like PageOptimizer Pro. That quickly checks your web pages and offers suggestions based on competing sites. Keep in mind that this program is just an algorithm. Follow the recommendations only as long as they fit within the look and feel of your own website. Otherwise, there is more likely to be a negative effect.

Competitive Analysis
Performing a competitive analysis is a great way to find website keywords that your competitors are using. Marketing tools like Semrush make it easy to find this data. Does the competition in the area score well on ‘climate-controlled self-storage units’? Then it is in your best interest to place on your site texts that include this topic.
Competitive analysis also allows you to look at design elements that other companies are using on their websites. You can then consider whether they can improve the user experience and your own site as well.

One step further
It is important to maintain your self storage website on all fronts. But you can take your updates to the next level by staying current with Google’s latest algorithm. Not every algorithm is directly applicable to your business. However, some may inspire you to change the layout or pages to improve the user experience. Your site’s analytics can also provide valuable insights about pages that need to be changed.

Keeping your website up to date is a big job, but a necessary one. This is to prevent you from becoming vulnerable to hackers or other unauthorized persons. If you do nothing, you will irrevocably drop in search engine rankings. If you don’t want to do this work yourself but would rather outsource, consider hiring a freelancer who is good at web, SEO and content management, or a professional digital marketing agency.

Whichever option you choose, updating a self storage website is important not only to create a pleasant user experience for customers. It also ensures that your business can continue to grow and prosper.

Kara Johnson | Inside Self storage

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