Is your storage location secure enough?

Last time we looked at the possible security measures you can take outside the self-storage location and around the entrance. This time it is the turn of the “inside,” again seen through the eyes of the customer.

Visible cameras

We look at some of the security components your self-storage customers may see as they make their way to their unit. First, they should see cameras covering the central square and streets from the outdoor location. Ideally, this allows site personnel to track a vehicle’s progress on monitors.


When a self-storage customer visits the site outside of business hours, they should notice that everything is well lit. It makes you feel safe. In addition, it helps video cameras capture sharper images. It also serves as a huge deterrent to any malicious persons who prefer to operate in the dark undetected. Statistics show that burglaries or vandalism are less likely to occur at a well-lit park.


Keep in mind that there are situations where you cannot light every room to your liking. Most municipalities have rules around outdoor lighting. While you obviously want to secure your property as optimally as possible, you must also consider the interests of adjacent businesses or private residents. A local lighting specialist can help you find a solution that works best for you and your neighbors.

The exit

The last location you can secure is the exit, which may or may not be separate from the entrance. In any case, be sure to take camera footage of departing vehicles. A mandatory key-in code before one can leave the premises again can also be recommended here. Customers usually feel safer if they notice that the exit is also being monitored. At the same time, it gives you opportunities to track when visitors leave the premises. In the unlikely event that an unauthorized party did manage to enter the premises, they will still be able to be stopped at the exit.

Peace of mind

As you will find, a clever combination of security components can provide customers of any self-storage facility with a strong sense of security. A well-designed system will make customers feel better when they rent storage space from you while providing you with an excellent product to sell.


The items described above are essential to a standard self-storage security system. But technical developments are moving fast. New tools with yet other features come on the market regularly. While no single system will be able to provide 100% security, working with a professional security company, can help you continually deploy the most optimal security methods for your business and the storage containers used.

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