May we introduce?

USC continues to grow. Therefore, we regularly introduce a new employee to you.This time, we turn the spotlight on…

“My name is Danny Schmidt. Since September 2021, I have been working full-time for USC. But before that, I was already involved in the company. Prior to that, I spent my graduate internship here. And even before that period, for the benefit of a study tour of the University of Twente, I also carried out an assignment here.”

What training did you receive?
“Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. Which consists of a three-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year master’s degree.”

Why did you choose USC?
So I was already familiar with the company. And there are projects underway here whose redesigns have been completed but whose operation in practice remains to be seen, for example, making USC containers stackable. This kind of work is an extension of my education. In addition, I have a good click with Maarten and Jan-Hein.”

What exactly are you going to do?
“I am involved in all the preparations for building a prototype for the stackable containers and then setting up the construction and production process. I also like to support with the graphic design, such as drawing in parks for clients and the technical side of the website.”

Can you tell something about that stacking of storage park containers?
“I worked out on paper the best way to build a two-story container park. You have to imagine that cars can drive underneath and persons on the first container floor can walk along the second layer of containers.

I am now looking at the best floor construction for the second floor to protect the top of the containers. This is with the knowledge that USC’s containers are already of such quality that even three can be placed on top of each other.

I am also looking at how the stairs to the top floor should be constructed and the fencing around the end. When the design is final, we will build a test set-up on the storage terrain of sister company Salland Storage in Deventer. In addition, we will examine whether the intended set-up fits within the existing legislation.”

What is the advantage of such a setup?
“When we have gone through all these phases, an interesting option arises for other storage park entrepreneurs, namely a park on which many more containers fit on the same surface. One can then expand the self-storage offer without needing additional land.”

What is your goal?
“It would be very cool if we finished a stackable container park and then got to build one at a customer’s site. I’m going to work hard on that.”

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