Need temporary storage quickly? We’ll take care of it!

Our customer ‘OpslagBox Marum’ needed two additional units for outdoor storage in the short term. We were able to meet this the same week. With the help of our crane, we placed a storage container on the customer’s premises in a short time. It was able to use the additional storage option immediately.

Do you also need (temporarily) extra storage space?

Then inquire about our short lease possibilities. These are specifically intended to solve urgent storage problems, whether temporary or not. This way we can deliver 1 or 2 containers directly from stock. Ready-made, so ready for rent or for your own use. The desired containers can even be transported – folded – by crane. Also useful for placing on less easily accessible terrains.

So you can order super fast at USC, have it delivered and use it immediately. The first customers already, to their full satisfaction, used our new concept.

Also need storage space quickly? Mail our sales department or call 0570 756 035.