Our self storage containers are also No. 1 in terms of flexibility

The flexible layout of our Z-Box container is a big plus, we often hear from customers. This is because our self storage containers are available as standard in no less than six different models.

Ranging from a container with one central access door to one with as many as eight doors. This allows the containers to be divided into different compartments, which can be easily separated, according to your own wishes. Ideal if you want to offer your customers multifunctional outdoor storage in various volumes. In doing so, it offers opportunities for variable rents that allow you to increase the return per container.

Do you want a different layout of the storage containers anyway? No problem, a custom made design is also possible. Inquire about the possibilities with our designer.

Legion of possibilities
When you plan to take out multiple containers, much more is possible. We can customize the size and color of the Z-Box to suit your needs. Stickers, power connection, lighting, your own locking plan with certified locks or installing solar panels on the containers; a lot is possible at USC.

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