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Review of the SSA UK and the SSA Sweden

We are so proud of our containers that we like to shout this from the rooftops! But since the neighbors are starting to complain about this, we try to limit ourselves to trade shows. We like to introduce everyone in the industry to USC containers. Last time we were at several trade shows, we would like to tell you a bit more about the SSA UK and SSA Sweden.


Fair preparation

Danny and Seth left for England a few days earlier to prepare for the fair. The first stop was in Harwich where our English stock is stored. We then prepared the demo container for the new sustainable solar panel and off-grid solution we presented at the show.

SSA UK 2024

Telford International Centre

On April 16 and 17, we attended SSA UK. This year it was held at the Telford International Centre. A huge difference from the Hilton in Birmingham where the event was held in previous years. One hall was purely for the exhibit, the other hall for outdoor storage. It was a very large fair with nearly 700 entries. There was very strong interest and there was also an increasing interest in sustainable solutions for storage locations. You can see a nice impression of the show on our aftermovie below!

Off-Grid Z-Box

Our newest model of container involves an off-grid container, which produces electricity completely off-grid using solar panels, an inverter and a battery. This can be used for lighting, security or a motorcycle trickle charger. So you can have renewable power at any storage location. We can fit six panels per Z-Box on our custom-made roof racks. For more information, you can always visit our
sustainability page

SSA UK 2024

SSA Sweden


The Branschdag (SSA Sweden) was in
, Sweden’s second-largest city. Gothenburg is known for its vibrant culture, universities, green parks and Scandinavia’s largest port area. The fair itself was in one of the Gothia Towers, an iconic part of Gothenburg’s cityscape. These three impressive towers are part of the Scandinavium complex, which also includes the famous Svenska Mässan (Swedish Stock Exchange).

SSA Sweden 2024

SSA Sweden

Sweden and USC have a warm relationship. We have had great success with our Z-Box. Of course, the combination of space to build and an insulated container is golden. In the Stockholm region, we have built several parks of 100+ containers per park.

Although the market is smaller than, say, the UK, the show was still attended by some 115 guests. A great time to meet existing customers, hear their experiences and interest new ones. The best part, of course, remains when existing customers help convince new customers. You couldn’t wish for a better ambassadorship.

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