Salland Storage in Zutphen

At the beginning of November, the company Auto Zutphen-Lochem opened their storage location in Zutphen. Earlier we had already started a collaboration with Opslagbox Zutphen. Auto Zutphen-Lochem opted for the use and identity of the Storage Formula Salland Storage. The official opening act was performed by the Zutphen mayor Vermeulen. Place of performance; the business park at De Stoven, around the former Peugeot Auto Palace branch.


The Salland Storage concept

The ingredients of the new location:

  • A spacious and well-secured storage park.
  • Beautiful storage containers that guarantee frost- and dust-free storage.
  • Online identification, reservation and payment.
  • Accessible and customer-friendly. Also in Zutphen there is already storage space for rent from 3 m².

First customers

The first customers have already booked. Salland Storage Zutphen is the latest example of a successful transformation. It is easy to transform a vacant or less profitable business site in no time. And in a well-performing storage park with excellent facilities. Beautiful USC storage containers complete the picture. While as an owner you have little to worry about. If desired, Salland Storage will also take over the rental and associated administration entirely from you.

Do you own or know someone with a moderately profitable business site? Want to know more about the successful Salland Storage concept? Please contact us.

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