Storage420 expands


After developing the first phase of the storage park, our customer Storage420, based in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, wanted to quickly expand with a number of new Z-Boxes. We were able to provide them with these Z-Boxes on short notice. In no time the storage containers were placed and the desired expansion was a fact. Owner Erik Ketel about the expansion.

Erik Ketel, Owner Storage420

“The placement was supervised by Mark and the arrangement of the park is exactly as we had planned it.”

What was the reason for the expansion?

It was time to move to the next phase, because the occupancy rate is going in the right direction. It is wise to expand now before I reach maximum capacity and therefore have to sell no.

In our vicinity of Schiphol Airport, employment had decreased considerably due to COVID-19. We expect this to pick up quickly due to the more tolerant corona rules and would like to be able to serve all customers again.

How do customers react to the appearance of the storage park?

Positive, they think it all looks great and my lot is now really starting to look like a ‘drive-in storage park’ after this expansion.


The construction of the storage park

Are you satisfied with the delivery time of the requested Z-Boxes?

Yes, I ordered as soon as there were containers in stock, so it was possible to get a quick delivery.

Are you satisfied with the construction and installation of the new containers?

Certainly, the men of the USC construction team, despite the warm weather, went to work diligently. The placement was supervised by Mark and the arrangement of the park is exactly as we had planned it. The photos speak for themselves.

Are you satisfied with the speed with which that happened?

Yes, the expansion is planned to be realized in two and a half days, including assembly and installation.

Did our professional construction team deliver the desired quality?

Certainly, everything is neatly delivered and functions as it should.

Is there room for further expansion?

Fortunately yes, we can easily double the capacity.


What kind of customers do you attract?

We also have a moving company. Many customers who want to store their belongings in the meantime, now do so in a Z-Box. I also have a lot of long-term furniture storage in the warehouse in crates, the customers can not access these crates without an appointment. It often happens that there are also belongings that they occasionally want to have access to. Think of winter tires, holiday gear, hobby stuff, archives, garden furniture and such. If this is the case, we recommend a 7m3 unit on our storage park. This is accessible to the customer 24/7, without an appointment. In addition, we also have business customers who use the Z-Box because of that flexibility and motorcyclists who store their motorcycle with us.


What is your impression of USC and the delivery process?

Smooth, just like last time. Everything went as agreed. On the first day, at 08:00 in the morning, the forklift, the containers and the construction team were ready to start. Two and a half days later everything was in place and I thanked Maarten and Mark at their last inspection.

Will Storage 420 use a marketing boost from USC?

We have already distributed flyers by ourselves and set up a few things online. We do want to take this to the next level in the coming period. My son is expected to start working on this. While building the park, he spent several hours brainstorming with Mark about self-storage in general, online and offline marketing. We really appreciate that USC wants to think along with us when we ask for it. On to the next order.


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