Unburdening during construction of container parks

The self storage parks we build for our customers are getting bigger and bigger. Increasingly, therefore, we are receiving customer requests to be on-site at the storage yard during delivery and construction. Our engineer Danny Schmidt, now quite experienced in the execution field, tells us more about it.


‘In the spring, I spent several weeks in Berlin. In the Spandau district, we built a large container park for the Lagerbox company. During construction, unexpected problems often arise. Sometimes storage containers are delivered later than expected, on-site equipment proves inadequate or the site has not yet been fully leveled. Then it is very nice if I can solve issues on the spot immediately or implement plan B if necessary. That saves a lot of time, money and aggravation. We notice from our customers that they really appreciate our presence at such a time.

Two parks for Kontain

‘In Sweden, we have built two parks for Kontain in Västerås and in Eskilstuna. The park in Västerås was largely rigged last winter, in temperatures as low as 25 degrees below zero. Our drone had some problems with that, but this summer I revisited the sites in preparation for upcoming projects and then I had the drone with me again. The result: a beautiful video of the container park and downtown Västerås, Sweden’s oldest town.’

Expansion in Västerås

‘In addition, I also spoke to Kontain’s owner Jacob Gejler in Stockholm. We went through the construction process in detail and talked about the plans for new container parks. Even then, USC will take care of the entire project by stationing a person on site.
In fact, we are currently busy with a second major delivery, providing on-site physical support throughout the entire process from delivery, through erection to installation. Apart from myself, Maarten will certainly be there. We will report on the work in Sweden in one of our next newsletters.’

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