Container Operated Storage Has a Big Future

Universal Storage Containers (USC) you may recognize from the white, insulated outdoor containers that can be easily divided into up to eight compartments. Since 2018, Dutch brothers Jan-Hein and Maarten Streppel, active in the storage industry for more than 15 years, have joined forces with USC. In this article, they talk about what happened last quarter.

Rotterdam FEDESSA 2023

We are delighted that FEDESSA has chosen the Netherlands to host its annual European conference this year. A deserved recognition, as our country has a strong presence in the self-storage industry. Of course, we had
like all the FEDESSA members in our hometown of Deventer, but Rotterdam is certainly an excellent choice.

The city with the largest port in Europe is not called the Gateway to Europe for nothing. for no reason. The Netherlands’ second city in terms of population The Netherlands went through difficult times after the devastating bombings in World War II, and during the reconstruction period. In recent decades, however, Rotterdam has developed into a bustling metropolis with lots of interesting new architecture and an un-Dutch skyline due to its many skyscrapers.

Did you know?

When it comes to the architecture of a storage facility, we know from experience how important it is to involve customers in the visual realization plans of their storage facility.
In addition to 2D impressions, we can increasingly show 3D impressions to make the experience even better, so we are also happy to help you with 3D visualizations. Watch the video of our recent results in several countries here.

Sustainable business as a core business

What we certainly want to show visitors to our booth during the FEDESSA exhibition, this coming fall in Rotterdam, is that sustainable business is a core business for us. Developments in this area are not standing still at USC. Of course, we are happy to help our customers make their operations as sustainable as possible as well.

Solar panels

We offer our customers the opportunity to make smart use of the roof spaces of their container park by installing solar panels. We have prepared ready-made packages for that. Our panels control a micro-inverter, making it easy to connect and disconnect each container and avoiding high voltages.
Even the design of a new container park can already take into account a favorable roof orientation. This is to achieve the highest possible yield from the panels.

The PV panels are a revenue model in themselves and can also be included in a lease offer if desired. In addition, solar panels provide your container park with a sustainable appearance and green image. Ideal if you are looking for a dual earning model. Solar panels can also contribute to a more favorable (NTA) energy label for your commercial property.

Would you like to know more about our company or about our containers? Please be sure to contact us at +31 570 756035 or Would love to hear from you!

Jan-Hein and Maarten Streppel

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