BAR Conference and Eurogroup delivery

USC within the moving business

USC is also in the moving business. We recently participated in the BAR conference for movers in Glasgow. Here we presented our versatile Z-Box along with our latest container development designed specifically for the moving industry. In addition, we recently completed a successful project at international moving company Eurogroup.

BAR conference Glasgow

This year we were present for the first time at the
(British Association of Removers) conference in Glasgow. The BAR is the British Association for Movers, a very large association to which the bulk of movers belong. Many movers take cautious steps toward storage, as they often have space left outside on the property.

Our Z-Box is perfect for making the most of this space. Uniquely designed for outdoor storage, the Z-Box is insulated, ventilated and collapsible for optimal storage conditions and flexibility. The containers are delivered flat-packed for efficient transportation and easy on-site assembly. Our leasing program provides an affordable way to expand storage capacity without large upfront investments, supporting business growth and preserving capital.

Custom Z-Box for the moving business

We are excited to showcase our new container development designed specifically for the moving industry. The container is designed for three standard wooden moving boxes (2148 x 1575 x 2438 mm). This new solution allows customers to access their belongings at any time during the rental period, without having direct access to the entire warehouse of wooden crates.

Key features:

  • Improved accessibility: Give your customers easy access to stored items.
  • Safety and protection: Built with robust materials and secure locking mechanisms, your belongings are safe and secure. The insulated and ventilated containers ensure that the wooden crates and contents are not damaged.

Container delivery Eurogroup

In Great Yarmouth in England, we realized a park for
. Inside the building, Eurogroup has responsibility for hundreds of customers, whose goods are stored in wooden crates. To offer their customers self-storage options as well, they decided to install our insulated containers. Enjoying the English sun and, unfortunately, English rain, we built the park in 4 days. Great Yarmouth is a somewhat raucous English coastal town with a busy shipping industry. Deventer and Great Yarmouth have been linked for centuries as a Hanseatic city, always a nice initiative to strengthen this relationship through contemporary trade.

Delivery Eurogroup

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