Why is self storage so popular?

The self-storage world has its own dynamics. And the market is still growing. Look at the new storage locations that are springing up like mushrooms. Self-storage of goods, whether temporary or not, seems to be becoming very normal for more and more people. Why is that so and what can you do with it?

Working from home more often

A trend that has been accelerated by COVID-19. Even now that the pandemic is somewhat on its way back, it is not to be expected that everyone will work fully on location again. After all, many companies have divested part of their office facilities. So working from home remains. This means that people must permanently set up spaces in their own homes for one or more workplaces. And freeing up space means arranging self-storage. Consumers are looking for opportunities. Self storage companies can respond smartly to this.


Living at home longer

The housing market in our country is completely locked down. There is a chronic shortage of housing and the prices of houses that do come on the market are astronomical. In the short term, this situation will change very little. For many families, this means that studying children cannot live in rooms for the time being. Or that working family members can’t buy a house. The scarce space in the house must therefore be shared with more people. The result is that items that are not often used are in the way at home. Getting rid of it is not an option, so self storage comes into the picture.


This means that the customer looks for storage facilities nearby. The time that customers drove past various storage companies to look around to see if they like the location, is over. Nowadays, people look for all that behind the computer or with the phone.

Our tips:

  • Respond with your communication to customers who, often for the first time, are looking for self-storage.
  • Make sure that the website with extensive explanations, professional photography and video presentations gives a good idea of what self storage means.
  • Emphasize that self storage is safe and clean and that customers can always get to their own stuff.
  • Make sure that the customer can fully identify himself online, book storage space and pay.
  • Lower the threshold and attract new customers with attractive, temporarily running discount promotions.
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